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13 July 2017

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Tourist Attractions


In Mures County there are many beautiful places to visit, from historical monuments, to cultural institutions or parks and recreational areas.

Once you arrive in the city it is worth visiting Corneşti Plateau, where you will have a beautiful panorama of the city or visit the Rose Square, the central square of the city, where the Orthodox Cathedral "Ascension" and the famous recreation and sports complex end.

Do not forget to visit ....

Also in Târgu Mureş you can admire the architecture of the City Hall, the Palace of Culture or the Prefecture. The Franciscan Tower, the Medieval Fortress, the Rakoczi Scale (or the Rakoczi Passage), and the Status Quo Ante Synagogue are located in the center of the city. We can not but remember the Medical University of Târgu Mureş, one of the most important educational institutions in our country. 

Grădina Zoologică este una dintre principalele atracții turistice din Târgu Mureș și împrejurimi, fiind cel mai mare spațiu de acest gen din Transilvania. Aceasta este amenajată pe Platoul Cornești, în „Pădurea Mare”, ce oferă condiții ideale pentru animalele care trăiesc aici. Grădina zoologică adăpostește aproximativ 500 de animale din diferite specii, de la pești, la păsări, reptile sau mamifere. Pe lângă țarcurile și pavilioanele ce adăpostesc animalele, în interiorul grădinii zoologie este amenajată și o mică grădină botanică.


Week End Complex: Weekend Pool is another tourist attraction in Mureş Fair. During the summer, this is one of the most visited trips in Transylvania, people from all parts of Transylvania coming here for relaxation, due to its size and its facilities, at European standards.


Sighisoara Citadel: Fortress Sighișoara, located in the city of the same name, is one of the oldest and most beautiful medieval fortresses in Transylvania. This was first documented in 1280 (13th century). The fortress deserves to be visited because of its medieval charm, given by the cobblestone streets, the wooden staircase, the clock tower and the medieval buildings that still retained their architecture. As curiosity, in this fortress was born the Romanian prince Vlad Ţepeş, known abroad as Count Dracula. Also, the Sighisoara Medieval Festival, the first festival-show in our country dedicated to the promotion of culture and medieval customs, which together with the fortress, attract thousands of tourists from the country and from abroad.


Bethlen Castle: The Bethlen Castle in Criş, located about 19 kilometers from Sighişoara, is another medieval tourist destination worth visiting. The foundations of this castle were put in the fifteenth century by the noble Hungarian Mark Bethlen, who is also named after him. It is created in the Gothic style and is considered to be one of the most beautiful monuments of Gothic architecture with renaissance influences in our country.


You can also visit: Saschiz is worth visiting because of its historical remains. The locality is distinguished by the existence on its territory of a gothic fortified stone church, built in 1493, in honor of King I of Hungary. Next to the church there is a clock tower built in the 15th century. Here, on the hill near the church, you can also visit a peasant medieval fortress dating back to the 14th century. Saschiz is also known for the fact that Prince Charles, the heir of the British crown, has visited the town several times during his visits to Romania.

The Sovata resort, also called the "Pearl of Mureş County", is the most famous balneoclimatery resort in the county. This attracts thousands of tourists who come here either for leisure or because of the curative properties of chlorinated and sodic waters and the mud with therapeutic properties that can treat or ameliorate many gynecological, rheumatic, endocrine, post-traumatic, nervous or cardiovascular disorders. The renown of the resort is due to salt water lakes (of which the best known is Ursu Lake) and the phenomenon of heliothermia.

Natural Park Mureş Defile was declared a protected area in 2007 due to the richness of plant and animal species that grow there, as well as natural landscapes including mountains, gorges, lakes or thermal waters. Among the protected areas that are included in this park are the Deda - Toplita Gorge. Also, other tourist attractions that can be visited here are the wooden church Rasstolica village, dating from the second half of the 18th century and the trout from the village of Gălăoaia, made in the style of the crosses in Săpânţa Cemetery.

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