17 August 2017

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The wellness area includes a sauna and a hot tub. In addition, Pension Koronka has a swimming pool. Attention: KORONKA's swimming pool is not covered and works only in summer. Wi-Fi is free in the entire property.

This property is also rated for the best value for money in Corunca! Customers get more for their money compared to other properties in this city.

A wellness lifestyle

The spa is a space for regeneration and rest, but also for meditation. For this activity there were arranged relaxation and meditation halls. The Spa is characterized by a holistic concept that treats man in his overall. The concept is based on the idea that health and well-being can only be achieved through the harmony of body and spirit. Spa includes water therapy, but also massage, exercise (eg Pilates), body and aesthetic treatments, as well as nutrition. This is how the SPA Cuisine (Wellness Cuisine) was born, based on seafood and fresh fruit and vegetables. Generally, it includes dietary ingredients that have not been subjected to a cooking process that can alter nutrient components.


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